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Some are starting to touch themselves. They just can't seem to get enough of your suffering or your naughty deeds. Her aroma is powerful, dominant and intoxicating. You come second. You always come second.

Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial

You must learn to truly ignore your own meaningless desires in order to fulfill those of others," Madam explains with a sense of true understanding. Ashley tries to listen, but her will is broken and her needs have taken over her.

She cannot reason, she cannot be patient and she cannot wait any longer for satisfaction. Would she be Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial to do anything at this point? Ashley feels Madam move away from her.

The aftertaste of her own pussy still clings to her mouth. It makes her feel a raw sense of submission.

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One that is compounded by her dripping vagina. Its urge to be fucked is stronger than any feeling of hunger Ashley's ever experienced. Ashley listens helplessly as Madam slowly reaches between her legs. She presses her fingers under her panties, and slowly they inspect her humid slit. Madam clearly gets a lot of pleasure out of this, as she takes her time Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial her fingers all around her moist hole, making sure they touch every inch.

Small moans jump from her lips. Ashley listens silently. Cuffed to the chains above her, she hangs helpless, hoping for this to soon Dietas rapidas over so she could orgasm. Madam, finally removes her hand from between her elegant legs.

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She presents her fingers, damp with sticky cream, to Ashley's little nose. She says nothing as she waits Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial Ashley to inhale her scent. Ashley can feel the warmth coming from the woman's fingers. Their scent slowly begins filling her head, her mouth, teasing her tastebuds, her throat.

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It is such Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial different smell than Tessa, or even Miss Rose. This woman's wet desire, it reminds Ashley of authority. Wanton lust and power soaked with feminine arousal. The pheromones from the woman's sex juice begin manipulating Ashley's brain. She can feel her mouth start to water and the muscles in her pussy to tremble and ache. Again, Ashley's nostrils fill with the woman's pungent bouquet. Yes, Madam," Ashley assures.

Madam pauses, staring at her beautiful, captive play-thing. She brings her fingers to her own nose and inhales deeply. The woman exhales with a naughty moan. But I've been wetter than this before. And I think you Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial get me there," Madam insists, cruelly. No… please Ashley's body feels like it's been put through a marathon. But the finish line is still no where in sight. The pounding soreness emanating from each of perdiendo peso holes is too much.

Every nerve ending, every sensitive, swollen gland squelches for gratification.

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For now…" Ashley hears Madam cross the room and then a familiar sound is heard. Ashley hears the metal bucket she peed into being lifted and set down next to her. A thousand horrifying thoughts rush through her mind. No… what? What is she going to have me do!? Madam grins wildly as she bends down next to Ashley's pail of urine. Ashley is afraid her new dominant, but not Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial much as she is of not getting to orgasm soon.

Madam dips the tip of the vibrator into the bucket. She Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial it up to Ashley's lips, allowing the potent smell to waft into her nose. Ashley has no will to fight anymore. The idea of not getting off… of not having the relentless pounding inside her swollen pussy… is truly horrifying.

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It trumps all other emotions and fears Ashley is being threatened with. Her moist ring is exhausted and trembles as it squeezes against the plug. Ashley's mouth opens helplessly, ready to submit to her next act, no matter how humiliating. I just wanted to see if you were that filthy. I'm glad, now I know what kind of girl you are…" Ashley feels humiliated. The warm blood of embarrassment fills her face, but makes the nagging pain in her loins only intensify.

She's right… I'd do anything to fucking cum. What is wrong with me? Where is Miss Rose? I want to be back with Tessa… I want to cum… oh fuck, if I could just orgasm, I could be myself again.

Ashley can't help but wonder what else she would have done if Madam had asked her. Chills of worry run down her spine. Madam lunges towards Ashley and grabs the hair at the back of her head. Her other hand deftly enters Ashley's cunt. Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial gasps in surprise and arousal as the woman's hand grips her hair tighter. The fingers thrust in and out of her vigorously as she feels her juices gushing around them. Her pussy is so tightly wound, it heaves and swells uncontrollably.

Every inch of her insides wanting to be pleasured by Madam's hand. Ashley shrieks a moan from her exhausted Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial. Madam leans in close, nibbling on Ashley's ear as she continues to forcefully fuck her begging cunt. Adelgazar 10 kilos loses the strength in her legs as she's flooded with Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial.

They swim through her body, causing her to weaken and drift. She feels her body weight pulling on her suspended wrists, they ache sharply. Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial taking the woman's fingers inside her gooey honey pot, Ashley fights for breath. The waves of pleasure start to slam deeply into the walls of her cunt.

Madam moans richly and breathes warm air into Ashley's ear as she speaks. You are nothing but a dirty little slut who likes to drip and cream in front of everyone. The words filling her head cause her body to lurch violently.

The plug in her ass feels enormous. It dominates her posture, forcing her to bend forward and keep her ass pointed out, despite being strung from the ceiling.

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Font size: Chloe sat in her media lesson bored. Her pussy ached for attention and she despiratley Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial release after a month of chastity. She read about orgasm denial on the internet and had decided to give it ago but without the restraint of belts or equipment. She was using pure willpower but it was weining and she had decided she was going to release herself tonight over some porn from the net.

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She just had to make it till then. She was wearing stockings under a tiny pink skirt that barely covered her arse. Her big 36dd breasts were held up by a bra and jumper matching her skirt but her nipples still were visable through the clothing Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial to the cold weather.

Chloe was just 18 years old but had a very petite yet developed frame.

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She wore very little make up Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial her natural beauty and prominent cheek bones need no bolstering. She swung one leg over me and sat down on the sofa, then gripped my hips and pulled me up until my bum was slightly higher than the cushion. God, I hurt deliciously! I moaned, and she withdrew and hammered it back inside again.

The heat welled up wonderfully between my thighs. She pulled it out and held it up against the light. My nectar Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial it and clung in milky droplets to its tip.

I whimpered in disappointment, but not for long. She pushed the end against my pucker and grinned deviously. Is that true?

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I had no choice but to relax my sphincter as good as I could, and then the soft, thick rubber spread my starfish, a shameful, uncomfortable feeling, and I hated that my pussy Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial with pure delight.

She slowly began to fuck my ass, and I felt each ridge and bump force its Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial through my backdoor. Each thrust went deeper and drew another moan from me.

Half of the blue, sparkling dildo stood straight upwards, like a statue on a hill, a symbol of the peak of my perversions, gripped tightly by my red-cheeked ass. Caroline swung her right leg up the sofa and positioned her ripe pussy right above the cock. She started fucking herself up and down, moaning and grunting, squeezing her own tits, and I was nothing but a living dildo holder to her.

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She quickly picked up pace. Within perhaps half a minute, she was rocking up and down like mad and Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial her hips, and I had to grip the sofa with all my Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial to keep in place.

Her thighs touched my still smarting bum with each downward motion, perdiendo peso it with her moisture, and the rubber bulged and wiggled inside me and kept me moaning. Her fingers started to dance over her clit, which was the biggest I had ever seen, rubbing it furiously while her breath started to hitch.

Then she froze, and a long, loud, animalistic cry came from her throat before she started shaking.

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Her legs Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial out, her weight suddenly rested on my bum, and we slid down into a heap, pussy and ass speared together, where she Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial and moaned. By the time the doorbell rang, she was already clothed again. She told me to wait where I was, lying on the floor, the rubber-cock still embedded in my bum.

My pussy clenched again. She pushed three fingers against the entrance to my pussy and pulled back when my hips jerked forward, clucking her tongue. Caroline watched us with fascination.

She was radiant each time I said the dreaded words. Her eyes locked on mine and she pushed her digits inside me one smooth, practiced motion that took my breath away.

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Her fingers fucked - there is no other word - me ruthless, fast and hard. Then all the heat condensed into a single, almost painful point. Pleasure rushed all over me and took my breath away. Once I had caught my breath back, I was finally allowed to remove the hated dildo and fix my dress. I was walking on cloud nine, filled with a deep, soft, satisfying buzz and a warmth that, as experience had told me, would Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial for some days. I never came as hard as in our games, and always when I thought I might get used to them, Em added another kinky, cruel twist.

The shame was still there for me, a constant coating that had become ingrained in my skin, much like a tattoo, but right now fulfillment dulled my awareness of it and made me float. How did Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial like that I involved another person? Even more so because I know her from her shop. One of your friends?

Yes, the more I think about it, the better this sounds. Could you still look them in the eye if they saw what a kinky, perverted little Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial you are? She felt my shudder through our joined hands. She spun me around and took my other hand as well. It was all I could do not to moan, reminding myself of her one rule.

Soon, she had her lips wrapped around my nipple, suckling. It was all I could do not to Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial pleasurably. Somehow I managed. It soon became obvious that her goal was to break my silence. Her mouth was all over my breast, kissing, licking, nibbling.

Finally, she took to nipping at my nipples with her teeth, and I broke, gasping with pain. Of course, that was followed swiftly by blows from the ruler, which drew little gasps from me as well, bringing even more "punishment". My breasts, my thighs, my arms, ass, cunt, they all received attention, until my entire body felt warmed by the blows.

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I was in heaven, a heaven marked by beautiful pain. My cunt was on fire, the flat of the ruler having left its mark there as well. She knew, how could she not? She put the clamps on my nipples, perhaps to draw my attention away, perhaps simply to be cruel.

I struggled, my back arching almost painfully, twisting, turning, until she sat on me once more, her face so close that her nose bumped mine. Not Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial. I forgot myself, whimpering and moaning, but she chose not to punish me with the ruler.

Instead, she used her mouth. Lips, soft and moist, settled on my swollen nipples, the pain of the clamps dull now.

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Not for long, she yanked them off, letting the blood flow, and I gave a sharp, soft scream as pain blossomed, moaning as her took them into her mouth one at a time. I lay twitching beneath her, lost in the pleasure that she gave me, abandoning myself to her. It had become dark in the room, only the glow of a small lamp illuminating the bed.

Enough so that I could watch as Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial kissed her way over my ribs, my taut bell, my entire body quivering as she kissed my thighs, never once touching my cunt.

I screamed through my gag. Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial was not funny. She looked at me sternly. With a quick motion, she pulled my sheet down, grabbed a nipple between her thumb and the knuckle of her forefinger, and pinched. My eyes flew open and I screamed in pain. My nipples had always been very Adelgazar 20 kilos this was definitely not funny.

I silenced immediately and she mercifully released me. I looked down to my tortured nipple, her hand still resting on my breast.

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She ignored me as she looked around at my set-up. Her eyes fell upon my nasty diary, lying beside me. Perhaps now would be a good time to describe Karen.

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We six girls lived in a house about a mile off campus. None of us had known the others before; we had all just called on an ad for rooms. Karen was an absolutely gorgeous petite blonde with big blue eyes.

I was about head taller than she. I thought her best assets were her breasts, 32Cs, which looked great on her small body. Her hair Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial to the middle of Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial back, and although she was thin, I had never seen her work out. She claimed to hate her ass, which was Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial as far as I could tell.

She was only a sophomore. She had taken a year off after high school to travel Europe, so we were the same age. She had a boyfriend and had always seemed sweet and innocent, which made this situation even more bizarre. My eyes widened in fear. Please, God, no. My nasty book, full of all my perverted thoughts, always locked away, was in her hands. Can I look at it? She smiled wickedly at me. I turned away in shame. And I really admire how Dietas faciles you are, you have a most amazing body.

She tossed off my sheet, leaving me completely naked, and then looked back to the diary and started reading it. I could feel the shameful heat in my cheeks as I watched her read. Her other hand started fondling my breast and lightly toyed with my nipple as she read.

My breasts had always been very sensitive, and suddenly all the suppressed lust in my mind boiled to the surface. I was completely turned on. She turned the page and Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial to read silently while she toyed with my tit. I was breathing hard already.

Her hand left my Adelgazar 40 kilos and wandered lightly down my helpless body to my waist and I protested, shaking my head violently. She looked Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial me coldly, her frozen blue eyes piercing me. I shook my head, desperate to avoid another pinch. Do you think you can handle that? I had never heard her curse, never seen her so angry. She let go of my nipple without a pinch and instead fondled me again.

I know it's hard sometimes, but I know you're trying your best, aren't you sweetie? Her hand drifted down again and started stroking my thighs, and this time I kept quiet and watched her read. Her hand would sometimes come very close to my pussy, but she never touched it. She Free stories of lesbian orgasm denial the page and started to fondle my breasts again.

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